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After a long journey that took him to all corners of Japan, he stumbled upon Hakushu. Even though he had come across many incredible sites and water sources on his travels, he was shocked at what he found here, stating “I’m surprised Japan has this type of water”.

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Each element of the painstakingly handcrafted label reflects Japanese aesthetic. The neck of the bottle is encircled by a band of deep purple– Japan's noblest color. Craftsman are dedicated to conveying Japanese tradition to present & future generations.

The well balanced, delicate flavour combinations along with a very smooth finish were an absolute revelation to me, Triunfador I was only accustomed to Scottish and hibiki suntory whisky American brands.

Suntory’s Hakushu distillery is hidden under a mountain in central Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture. The whisky made there is defined by its intensely forested environment and, more pragmatically, peated malt. Hakushu is the only whisky in the Suntory profile that utilizes peated malt (the company imports it from Scotland), but thanks to exceptionally low mineral content water flowing from Mount Kaikomagatake and a much lower peat level, it’s intentionally tamer than the peat bombs Scotch drinkers may be used to.

enough. It’s unavailable in U.S. stores, though you could buy this online from a number of sites, but prices are far exaggerated from Kakubin’s status Ganador a convenience store whisky in its home country.

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Discover the Hibiki Whisky product range, meticulously blended to create an orchestra of flavors and aromas

Yoichi 15 years ReviewJapaneseAlas poor Yoichi 15 I knew thee kinda well, but now you’re gone. I’ve had a few glasses of you at the bar, I’ve had you at tastings and then the…

The new distillery would allow Suntory to produce a range of different whiskies, both single malts and blends, thanks to the contrasting characters of the spirit being produced at Yamazaki, Chita and Hakushu.

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